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Reflective Blog

Creative and Cultural Industries: Design Marketing
Yoana Pavlova

Hi, my name is Yoana and I’m currently a second year Design Marketing student at Kingston School of Art. A little bit about me that you didn’t ask for:

  • I’m a perfectionist and constructive criticism is my best friend
  • I have a twin sister that studies in Bordeaux and a brother that studies in Cambridge, really proud of both of them
  • I’m from Bulgaria 🇧🇬
  • I enjoy reading, especially classics, fantasy, Sci-Fi and detective books (open for recommendations)
  • I’m good at maths and always enjoyed it in school
  • I am a dancer
  • I play tennis in the Kingston University team, also love basketball and skiing
  • I’m extremely honest
  • I love fashion and interior design, I do it in my spare time
  • I enjoy playing around with different software, Illustrator and After Effects are my strongest