Design Marketing

1st Brief: Virgin Atlantic

Brief: Defining the new chapter for Virgin Atlantic by designing new packaging concept for their British afternoon tea or Street food as airline food concept. Revamp the iconic pink Mile High Tea box by Eric Lanlard. Client: Virgin Atlantic – disruptive, memorable, familiar, innovative, forward-thinking, heart-felt, enjoyable service, a spirited & distinct personality, brilliantly different;Continue reading “1st Brief: Virgin Atlantic”

4th Brief: Build Your Own Brief and Speculative Design

Brief: Select a topic you are interested in. Find a signal. “What if…” – Create a speculative response (a product or service) Deliverables: A 1 minute case study video For this brief there was a lot of possible directions as I feel like designers play a big role in influencing people to address global challenges,Continue reading “4th Brief: Build Your Own Brief and Speculative Design”

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