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Blog post – approx 1600 words Out of the three briefs I naturally chose to work on Duolingo, as I believed I would be a step ahead with all the research we did in Customer Mindfulness. I have to say, I have never prepared so much research before working on a brief and it hasContinue reading “Duolingo”

VR Studio

Link to my VR Studio: //Updated one: The whole idea is to create a studio that you would enjoy having and to be honest in my eyes I achieved that – it has an infinite pink pool, greenery, planets, fancy tiles, sofas to chill on, fast food and a computer where “I wouldContinue reading “VR Studio”

ADIDAS Campaign

Blog post – approx 1500 words For this brief we had to create a campaign that would bring the target group (women between the ages 14-17) to the sport facilities and engage with a sport repeatedly, as a lot of them quit their journey. In class we highlighted the most important parts of the briefContinue reading “ADIDAS Campaign”

Sun Tzu: The Art of War

Why is it so relevant in Advertising and Marketing? Written in the 5th century B.C., this military strategy book finds its application in today’s marketing environment with the high competition. When I listened to the audiobook I tried to always picture the equivalent scenarios that we experience today and I really dig deep into theContinue reading “Sun Tzu: The Art of War”

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