Visual Narratives

Winter Lights

The last brief in Visual Narratives is to create a proposal for an interactive light installation to be displayed at Winter Lights Festival in 2021. Right away when they gave us the brief my head was full of ideas and was really excited about it (also kind of scared for the Arduino bit, but I’mContinue reading “Winter Lights”

CCI Branding Campaign

The Brief This brief is to create an Instagram campaign to promote the CCI course to potential students. We had to create a 20 seconds-long video with 4 different stories in different techniques + animated logo and sound – 4 seconds each. Firstly, we looked at the example by Blink Ink for Skittle’s pride campaignContinue reading “CCI Branding Campaign”

Everything is a Remix.

For this task we had to choose two artists or artworks from two books and remix them to create a new iconic image. I went to the library and instantly had at least 3-4 ideas, including using famous makeup packaging for food, the interior company that designed Burj Al Arab interior remixed with a traditionalContinue reading “Everything is a Remix.”

Barbara Kruger

This exercise was to remix Barbara Kruger’s work in Instagram Story using the available effects and “instruments”. Original Images I chose these images, because even though it’s evident that this is Barbara’s work, they are more or less different. The photos in them are quite expressive. Process For the first one I used quotes fromContinue reading “Barbara Kruger”

Kingston Invasion

The first project is called “The invasion of Kingston” and is inspired by the french urban artist The Invader. So basically what he does is making these ceramic tile mosaics based on an arcade game from the 70s called Space Invaders and his artwork can be seen in many cities on buildings, bridges, etc. OurContinue reading “Kingston Invasion”

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